What are we doing? Industry 4.0!


The control technology requirements in industry are growing day by day. That's why we offer innovative services that always meet the latest industry requirements.

Programming and commissioning:

  • Siemens: Step7, TIA
  • Visualization: WinCC, WinCC flexible, HMI Pro, HMI Lite
  • Connection of various subsystems

Safety Engineering:

  • Siemens: Safety Integrated
  • Pilz: PNOZmulti


Intelligent automation inevitably means intelligent robot solutions. Especially human-robot-collaboration (HRC) plays a pioneering role.

Programming and commissioning:

  • Kuka Sunrise.OS, (V)KRC4, (V)KRC2
  • ABB: IRC5
  • Fanuc: R30-iB, R30-iA                                

Safety Engineering:

  • Kuka: SafeOperation
  • ABB: SafeMove
  • Fanuc: DCS


For the delivery of competent service, industry standards are the alpha and omega. Therefore, we offer the established standards in all our services. 

  • VASS (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda)
  • Integra (Mercedes-Benz)
  • PL7 (BMW)
  • Power Train Transline (group-wide)